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Sir Vernon Go, our respect and gratitude for you is really immense, because of you and PULP, we were able to watch both Super Show 2 and 3 and we really do thank you for that. But saying that the Philippines doesn’t have a dedicated fanbase is tactless.

While 1,000pesos might be considered a small account to some, not everyone can fish out 1,000pesos from their pockets, especially since most Super Junior fans here are young and still studying, therefore completely relying on their parents or guardians for any expenses for the fandom.

You might say that 1,000pesos is nothing compared to the Super Show tickets prices. Yes, 1,000pesos is even lesser than the amount of GenAd tickets, but the thing is, these two events are completely different things: Super Show is the actual thing, and the fans would be willing to pay more, would be willing to sacrifice precious time, would be willing to plead their parents for permission just to see their idols on stage.

We do understand that money is important factor, especially in this kind of business. But the Philippines is no doubt a third world country and not everyone can easily spend 1,000pesos for a 2-hour 3D film. Threatening the fans over Super Show 4 not happening because of low sales of SS3 3D won’t make a difference; it won’t put money in their pockets. And honestly, the fans do try their best in supporting the events PULP comes up with as a form of thank you. But please, don’t push the fans away.

Being a dedicated Super Junior fan can never be measured by money, words and even the number of merchandise one has. We sacrificed a lot already since we entered this fandom, not just money or any physical thing, but tears and sweat just to be able to prove everyone that we deserve any Super Show. But questioning our dedication just because of low sales of the latest project, it seems inappropriate. Every person has his/her own definition of DEDICATION, but we’re sure ELF have the same meaning behind this word. Dedication is never about a specific amount of money a fan can spend for the boys, because for us, it’s about the love, support, and how much effort a fan can give towards these idols that changed their lives. Not all fans are blessed that came from a wealthy family, but just because a fan cannot watch the said SS3 3D doesn’t mean s/he’s not as dedicated as the rest.

No matter how much we want SS4 Manila to happen, if we really can’t live up to your expectations, then so be it. It’s your final decision, after all.

☆ Posted on 19 October 2011 with 499 notes